Thursday, April 30, 2009

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

April showers

I keep trying to tell mom all the mud being tracked in the house is pretty funny.
Can you see the blossoms on the trees?
How about the green grass?
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April Fools

Thanks Audrey!
What's that raining under the tree?
I had him going a little over 24 hours.
Outside checking out the tree.
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Spring Break

I think snakes eat worms.
Hours of joy on the new swing set.
We had the dog on here too a minute ago.
Swinging the baby.
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Valentine's Day

Thanks Uncle Dave and Aunt Brooke for the "heart attack." Do you love the Dora barretts? I think I look beautiful.
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Here puppy, puppy, puppy!

I love the baby!
I like to spin his toys from underneath, sit between his legs, and jump up to suck his fingers.
Somebody save me please.
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First lost tooth.
I didn't cry, but my brother did. He wanted to lose one too.
Feeding time for those with teeth coming in.
The teethers together.
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Garden Woes

Freezing weather.
Poor color blind dad thought this was a tree root.
Why didn't he ask me? I can see orange.
My wife did call 311 before we dug.
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