Wednesday, August 29, 2007

August 2007

Bathtub Finger Paint Murals
This is so funny!
Still working at getting a portrait of me on the wall.
Choo choo when I should be in bed. Hiding out in my parents room.
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Superman's 1st Day of School

I'm so silly.
Those teachers can't wait.
Get me out of this excited kid's arms.
The best day ever.
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Peter Pan's 1st Day of School

Who is this kid?
I wish we were going together.
Do you like my new shirt?
Sending me off together.
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Tuesday, August 21, 2007

July 2007

All I need is one family picture for the wall.
Does it really have to be this hard?
Forget it!
Can we go swimming now?
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Wedding Wishes

Loving that action.
Yea! Mom's finally holding me.
Hooray for the bride! Congratulations to the Walkers!
Grandma, the bride, and me.
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The Discovery Place

Yee Haw
You can't get me.
More of the same. Can I have something else to do?
Our actor (or actress?)
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Grandpa's Greenline

Look at me go.
Watch out wasps. (I got stung twice while we were there.)
I'm a real farmer boy.
She'll need to run like a Deere to keep up with those brothers.
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Pioneer Day

Look at me not the parade.
Oh! You found me.
I can't believe how great this is.
Please throw more candy.
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Grandparents Galore

Don't make me laugh.
Did you want some sleep with that?
Surprise! We're here. Grandma Great getting her hair done.
Happy Birthday Great Grandma.
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June 2007

Come here and get a kiss.
Home can be a heaven on Earth.
The Black Pearl (or brown).
Our real pearl.
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