Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Independence Day

Family outing on the 4th.
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Climbing trees

Me too!
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Summer T-ball

Ready, set...
Do you think they'll notice when I sneak on the field?
She wants to play bad.
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Daily Routine

I model for dad every morning for a whistle and a "pretty girl" comment.
Can't smile anymore with my eyes open.
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June 2008

Silly playtime at home.
Painting in the morning. Everyone else used paper.
Picnic with friends.
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Happy 5th Birthday!

She screamed that the present wasn't for her.
"...a new house. Now give me the present."
Hot Wheel track.
A snake cake with Diego heads was what he wanted?
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Happy 30th Birthday and Father's Day

Heavy, heavy hangs....We want a puppy.
It's a miracle he allowed us to wrap them instead of wearing them before the big day.
Not enough candles.
Father's Day morning.
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Happy 30th Birthday & Father's Day

Heavy, Heavy Hangs
It's a miracle he didn't wear them before his birthday, but allowed us to wrap them.
Not near enough candles.
Father's Day morning.
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6th Birthday

I just can't wait.
A rocket!
Rockin' on my new guitar.
Worm cake
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