Thursday, March 27, 2008

School Portrait

Our fantastic student.
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Family Home Evening

"I have a family here on Earth.
They are so good to me.
I want to share my life with them,
through all eternity."
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Vada Allen Anderson

Our Great Grandma passed away March 13, 2008. We loved her very much.
Before we went into the viewing he said, "I just want to see the body and that's all I want to do." When he saw the body he was disappointed, "I thought we got to see bones."
Afterwards, we had lots of teaching moments. "Why do we die?" I am so grateful I have those answers for my kids. If you need them, you can find them at
We will miss our sweet, always kind, grandma. We never saw her angry. What a powerful example and character.
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Too Much Love

Come here.
What's that?
I love you.
Overprotective brother dragging me back to mom, not to mention paybacks for his helpless cousin.
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We love Guitar Hero!

True artists.
Do we look like our Dads when they were playing?
Do we really look like School's Out for Summer?
Don't mess with us. This is serious business.
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The Hunt

Grandma's exciting news; the Bunny's come.
Look at these great new baskets.
I love everything about being a kid. I'm eating up grandma's house.
I'm just eating up candy.
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Coloring Eggs

All of us together.
We're getting bored; where are those eggs?
I have more important things to work on than coloring eggs.
Do you love it?
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Visiting Grandma Great

She kept asking me to smile nice, but it is beyond my power.
We're not so sure about all of this.
I know she loves me and I love her too.
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March Messes 2008

I'm tired of waiting for mom to fix dinner.
Morning play routines.
Tah Duh!
Caught on the computer!
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Monday, March 3, 2008

Happy Valentine's Day

I'm truly a woman in love with chocolate.
Gum, gum, gum, gum. I can say this word perfectly even with my speech problems.
I'm trying hard not to smile.
You're candy is gone already!
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February 2008

She's already almost as big as me!
Peek a boo
Mom and Dad won't get out of bed one morning so big brother and my thumb are all the comfort a girl can get.
Yep, it's that time again. Mom dreads it even with a face like that, not to mention it's a lovely smell 2 months pregnant.
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